You will find here some advices to send your boxes

Estimate the numbers of package you will send and then buy some boxes matching the quantity of items you are sending
order some boxes

Calculate the weight and the volume of your boxes
☞ advices to optimise your shipments

Choose the shipping service at the best price according to weight and volume.
☞ our rates

Be careful not to send prohibited items.
☞ Check the list of prohibited articles

Prepare your packages according to our packing tips.
☞ Consult the packing instructions

Fill in the registration form for the shipment of your boxes.

Proceed with the payment.
☞ payment access here.

Print the shipment slip
Follow your shipment.

-Go to the post office with your boxes or wait for the pick-up service at home.

Leave for a trip with a peacefull mind..
☞ Contact us 33(0)7 86 03 85 89, in case assistance is needed

Receive your boxes or your luggage directly at home..

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